This page features some of the personal home pages of vegans around the world, as well as some grass-root local vegan and animal rights organizations. Surf around and see the wide variety of cool vegans around the globe.

Note: These links will take you to a website not affiliated with We provide these links as a service the vegan community, and although we review each site before adding it to this page, we take no responsibility for the content. Some pages may contain mature themes/images, and may not be suitable for children.


  • Assisi International Animal Institute 
    Oakland, CA
    Assisi International Animal Institute is a non-profit nondenominational organization dedicated to the promotion of the well-being of non-human animals. We do so through our educational programs, through consciousness raising and through rehabilitation.
    The free calendar & information source for vegans, vegetarians & animal rights activists in Arizona.
  • Beloved Binge
    Seattle, WA
    Beloved Binge is a band from Seattle, WA. If the Cure and the Magnetic Fields paired up and had children, but due to their promiscuity (i.e., love affair with the B52′s) weren’t sure if the father was Yoko Ono, the Breeders, or Joy Division, this would describe their child, our band.
  • Braceface Alicia Silverstone club
    Los Angeles, CA
    Club site for fans of vegan actress Alicia Silverstone and her animated series “Braceface”
  • Citizens United for Animals
    Milwaukee, WI
    Nonprofit animal rights organization based in Milwaukee, WI.
  • Earthsave Lexington
    Lexington, KY
    Lexington, Kentucky’s local chapter of EarthSave International.
  • For the Love of Animals
    My own small space on the Web, all about animals, and of how they DESERVE to live FREE of slavery, abuse and intolerance. Covers animals as pets, as clothing, as food, in entertainment, in experiments, in the wild. ~* May there be Peace for ALL who live ~*
  • Free the Animals!
    Queens, NY
    Dedicated to animal liberation. Supportive of direct action to end animal cruelty. Working to educate about the suffering of animals for food, sport, clothing, entertainment and experimentation.
  • Gaelstormweb
    All about Gaelstorm, Goth, Veganism, and my family.
  • Glitterophelia’s Page
    Poetry, short stories, vegan recipes, other personal info and more!
  • Indiana House Rabbit Society
    Local group works to improve lives of domestic rabbits state-wide through education, rescue and adoption. Adoptable rabbits page. Rabbit care information.
  • Jenz
    Personal journal.
    New Jersey
    Daily’ish journal from a wife, mom, e-biz’r, f-l writer, vegan…eccentric ;)
  • lather rinse repeat
    United States
    Illustration, vegan links, & more.
  • Leigh-Anne’s Animal Advocacy Network
    Fairfax, VA
    An animal advocacy website aimed at networking advocates and resources, which includes my personal advocacy journey, activism letters, memorials to beloved animal friends and friends of animals, extensive links to AR resources on the internet, animal news, and veg’n recipes.
  • Living Vegetarian
    Should you be a vegetarian, it can be a healthy way to eat. Reasons for becoming a vegetarian are personal and individual decisions. Some are ethical and some are for health reasons recommended by dieticians and doctors.
  • Meat Junkie
    San Francisco, CA
    Argues that meat is addictive and that fast food chains are drug dealers pushing their product on kids.
  • Nebraskans for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
    Internet-based animal activism for persons in Nebraska and surrounding areas.
  • nutt dog org
    Currently on hiatus, is psychoactive web content. :-P Soon to include vegan-related content as well.
  • Oaxerai
    Philadelphia, PA
    Vegan hip-hop socially conscious artist.
  • The Poetry of J. D. Nelson
    Denver/Boulder, CO
    Bukowski vs. Lovecraft! Basho vs. Seuss! Bruce Lee vs. Bigfoot! Explore the dark and delightful poetry of J. D. Nelson.
  • Pursnick’s Inevitable Fate
    Seattle, WA
    Home page, some veg*n content, love to meet/talk to veg-minded people anywhere.
  • Radikal Artist
    Graphics for Vegans and animal right activists to make T-shirts, buttons, stickers, and leaflets.
  • San Diego Animal Advocates
    San Diego, CA
    Site of the original animal rights group in San Diego.
  • Spike and Chloe’s World Wide Warren
    ArizonaSpike and Chloe’s vegan homepage.
  • TFBUNDY Music
    A punk/metal band based in Norfolk, VA that sings songs about issues that really matter. Songs like Gabaga and Perdue tell of the hidden truths that occur in factory farming. Check them out today! Free Music Downloads!
  • Therese’s Home Page
    Denver, CO
    Facts about meat, dairy and PETA’s actions against the fast food establishment!
  • Thrill Racer
    San Diego, CA
    I’m a cool vegan music artist and zinester in San Diego. I’d like to meet like-minded local people to hang out at rock shows with. I also have a “vegan rock stars” list on my web page.
  • University of Rochester Vegetarian Education Group
    Rochester, NY
    We’re UR undergraduates, grads, alumni and staff committed to the welfare and rights of animals. Our goal is to reduce unnecessary animal suffering by helping people lead healthy and compassionate veg*an lifestyles.
  • Vegan & AR Resources on Connie’s Violin Page
    United States
    Vegetarianism & Veganism · Animal Rights · Animal Rights & Education · Interview, Steve Wise · Review, Jeff Masson · Veg/Law/Animal Rights/Buddhist Books · VegMusician Listserv · Vegan Lifestyle Homepage · VeganLifestyle Listserv
  • Vegan Freedom
    Washington, USA
    My web page is dedicated to the animals, and those in search of ways to better their lives.
  • Veggie Chat 2
    Nevada, USA
    Information on Vegetarianism, tips and pics and animations.
  • Vegicat
    Includes art, writing, photos, Episiotomy information, as well as vegetarian and turtle areas being developed.
  • VegMusicians
    United States
    This list is for musicians—classical, popular, instrumentalists, vocalists, conductors, composers, music teachers, etc., who are also committed to vegetarianism or veganism. Animal Rights people are also welcome.
  • VegSanDiego
    San Diego, CA
    The CFA mission is to break new ground by providing on-going support to people moving toward a vegan lifestyle; not only to assisting people new to a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, but also helping connect and supporting the community that already exists for vegetarians in the San Diego area.
  • what the hell _does_ a vegan eat anyway?
    A Vegan Food Blog.
  • winter york
    Cleveland, OH
    the writing of winter york, a 20-something opinionated vegan.
    Boston, MA
    My personal website (I am vegan).
  • Fat Vegan
    United Kingdom
    Vegan cake and sweet recipes.
  • LauRA’s JoURnaL
    United Kingdom
    A diary covering my transition from vegetarianism to veganism.
  • PadleyWood
    Derbyshire, UK
    Vegan recipes, relevant philosophy, links, plus information on other subjects dear to the webmaster. Please, take a look!
  • Planet Veggie 
    United Kingdom
    Guide to veggie restaurants, shops and groups in East London. Also contains exclusive jewelry, vegan info, links, a message board and a guestbook.
  • Towerhill Stables Animal Sanctuary
    Essex, England
    Towerhill Stables Animal Sanctuary is run by Vegan Fiona Oakes, ex-olympic athelete, sub 3 hour marathon runner & retained firefighter. The sanctuary cares for over 150 rescued domestic & ex-farm animals.
  • Vegan Family House
    Veganism, parenting, lots of printable recipes, books for both adults and children, quotes and a friendly mesage board.
  • Vegan Village
    United Kingdom
    UK vegan-run businesses and information.
  • Veggie Views
    Wick, Caithness, Scotland
    This is my personal web site about vegetarians, vegans and the environment. I also have links, recipes and photos. I have only just uploaded the site, so there is a lot of work to be done yet!
  • Animal Rights Collective of Halifax
    ARCH is a group dedicated to promoting respect and compassion for all animals through non-violent means.
  • Freedom for Animals
    Toronto, Ontario
    Information about animal rights activism in Toronto.
  • The Noisies
    Victoria, BC
    An indie musician and vegan veteran, check out the free tunes and rants, both often quirky, eclectic and political, of a counter-pop and power-folk persuasion. Vorsprung durch Technik!
  • Kblog
    An Australian female’s vegan blog.
  • Roots of Compassion
    An information network for people who want to make a difference.A difference in their living and in compassion for all beings. A step out of societys preconditioned standards closer to a more peaceful and self-sustaining world and future. Interviews, recipes, online shop, photos, news, book/video reviews, articles and more! (all in english)
  • Babe Liberation Front
    Tokyo, Japan
    Would you like to appear in back of live news or sports broadcasts? And be dressed as Babe? And hold a big paper that says “Don’t Eat Me”? Even two or three people doing this again and again and again could gather the attention of the whole world! Please join in and visit us here for more info!
  • Erik@feK/mo2
    On the move
    Our website chronicles our current travels around the world visiting communities and contains a library of resourses and articles that are linked with the way we live.
  • Minoesj: The Vegetarian Voice
    We have a forum about vegetarism, you can chat there, just a place where vegetarians meet.
  • Vegan Swines
    A non-profit animal rights translation project (English/German).
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