Mango Icecream


1 cup Basmati rice
3 1/2 cups water
2 Tbsp vanilla
3/4 cup coconut nectar (agave, maple syrup or honey)
2 mangos peeled and pit removed


Cook 1 cup of white Basmati or medium grain rice. Let it cool for about 15 minutes.
Then place 1 cup of cooked rice into a blender with about water, vanilla, and sweetner of choice.
Blend until smooth for about 1 minute and then it it sit for about 30 min so sediments of the rice will sink to the bottom.
After 30 minutes carefully pour the rice milk into another container making sure the sediments stay separated.
Clean out the blender and then add two freshly peeled mangos and the rice milk into the blender and make it smooth.
Add contents into a plastic container and place into a freezer for about 3 hours. Take it out and blend once again. Repeat until desired creaminess and eat like ice cream.
This one takes a while but I find it is well worth it and fun to make. Fruits can be exchanged for others such as bananas or pears. Be creative.

Submitted by: AnthroChef


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