2 sheets of nori
1 cup cold prepared brown rice
1 avocado sliced lengthwise or (2 Tbsp nut cheese)optional
2-3 oz strips of seitan 
1 sushi roller would be helpful (but not required)


Lay 1 sheet of nori on a flat plate or a sushi roller.
Spread rice on 2/3 of the sheet. Make sure it goes to the edges and is even. Press it down evenly with a spoon.
About one inch from the rice covered end, place a strip of avocado and/or spread out about a tablespoon of the faux cream cheese or nut cheese. Then evenly lay down strips of seitan, no more than one inch wide.
Tightly roll the nori from the rice and topping covered end to the empty end. Dampen the empty end with water if it won’t stick.
Make sure the roll is very tight. This is where a roller becomes very handy.

Submitted by: Tillie

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